Lawyers to Get More Frequent Flier Miles

Or at least, gold-level status with Enterprise or National car rental.

In law there’s a pretty well-known concept called privilege. Communications between a client and his attorney, under certain conditions, are confidential. Although the public has a number of misconceptions on exactly how this operates, most people would understand this confidential to extend to attorneys and their clients who happen to be incarcerated.

Apparently though, if you really want to keep it confidential as an attorney and your client is in prison, you better get ready to travel to wherever your client is. (If your client committed a Federal offense, that might be in a state very very far away).

This is because you currently cannot email your client, although some Congressmen are trying to change that. But also, you run the risk that calls to your client are also unprotected. Leaving a lawyer with little choice to pony up the resources, both time and money, to travel and visit some of the most under-served populations out there.