Working Hard: Then and Now

I believe “sorry I haven’t blogged lately” is probably the most read blog post type in blogging history. As such, I won’t belabor the point but note that my co-author has not only taken up my side, but far exceeded any work I could have done.

A few months ago I came across this article detailing the rigors of a high school workload. I can’t even fathom this – I barely did my work in high school and the work that I did never took me that long. Realizing I wasn’t the representative sample however, I showed it to my (much smarter than me) fiance. She actually did all her work in high school and was extremely successful with it, and not to the detriment of any extra-curriculars. I was relieved to see she agreed with me.

So my advice to that family is that the girl is probably doing it wrong – you have to pick your battles. Furthermore 3 hours is not all that much time to spend on homework if you’re doing it all thoroughly. Still the author’s comparison to his own school days may have a point – I didn’t do my work but still feel like I was well served by it.

So is there inherent value in the work itself?

As someone who didn’t really do the work at the time – probably. Learning how to work consistently and balance time is a pretty good skill to learn at a young age. Learning how to stay organized and keeping track of assignments is pretty valuable. That’s half the battle in a work or school setting: doing your work on time and thoroughly. So learning how to do it effectively early is a good life skill.

Not much of a thesis here, but hopefully it’s a start of a trend to getting back into this. It was on the top of the “to-blog” list that I can work through now.