Six Months of Silliness

Regular readers (I use the phrase, but you may not be actually able to find that kind of beast in the wild) have been no doubt saddened by our failure to maintain a weekly diet of Sunday Funday posts. I wish there were a good reason for it, but in fact the culprits are the usual suspects: laziness, mild disruptions to routine, and inertia. A few posts missed due to laptop disruptions gave way to a few weeks away from reliable Internet and time to use it, and lo and behold it’s 2015 and the last time you got a round of goofy links from us was this past July. To ameliorate that sad state of affairs, what follows is everything I’ve come across since July that: 1) made me chuckle 2) made me interested 3) was just good 4) wasn’t so obvious you’d have already seen it somewhere else and 5) I remembered to paste into the running list we keep of items that fit criteria 1-4. So without further ado, six months of silliness:

1. I could do without the marriage bit, but buying a house with all your best friends sounds pretty appealing. Guys?
2. Here‘s a game called “Spot the Domesticized Foreign Word”. I’ll give you a hint – it’s in the second paragraph
3. This is “Ya Ya Ya Ya” by Hande Yener, and this is (to my ear at least) an impressively robust live version*
4. Maybe it’s just that they each use other words for poop so unabashedly in some of their songwriting, but Sharon Van Etten (via “Every Time the Sun Comes Up“) reminded me a lot, lyrically, of Knots and Crosses
5. This is the best soccer-related idea I’ve heard in a long time. Make it happen, Sunil!
6. Harsh commentary on Portland, Maine (the good one) from Matt Yglesias. I was young and educated and I lived there. Though I did leave, so I guess that kind of proves the point
7. A name for “not this weekend but the one after that”
8. Dear college friends, why did we not know about¬†this man‘s existence while we were in college? Imagine the birthday parties we could have thrown for him
9. Does exactly what it says on the tin
10. Apocalypse Pooh
11. Noam Chomsky back when he was actually a linguist
12. Drone porn. Like, really. Come (and no I’m not going to make that pun) for the sweeping drone-shot vistas, stay for the attractive couples going at it like rabbits in the corner of each one
13. The typeface on these designs is annoyingly similar to that on euros, but I like the symbols and images much more than the odd smorgasbord of masonic imagery and dead presidents on our money at present
14. A nice corrective to the superficially-true “2014 was a geopolitical disaster” narrative

*The studio version is a delightful bit of pop and you should all go listen to it on Spotify immediately. Yes it’s in Turkish, but no, it’s not hard to sing along to “Ya Ya Ya Ya”