Greetings Again, Dear Blogosphere

Hello, vast readership, and greetings again from the sizzling wasteland of Tempe, Arizona. Six weeks after a computing catastrophe forestalled what was sure to be a summer of productive pontificating, I am back on the Internets and ready to bombard you with thoughtful and cutting analyses – you know, as is the norm in these parts.* But first, massive public thanks are in order to my coauthor, who has generously deployed his computing expertise in the service of turning my newly-acquired Lenovo from a lumbering shitbox into a sleek and lethal machine.**

Luckily, at least for me as a fringe participant in the Great Internet Commentariat, it seems like it has been a bit of a slow summer – not so much has changed since the end of May. Ukraine smolders, Syria plods along remorselessly – the most shocking development seems to be ISIS (sorry, just The Islamic State now) in Iraq, and I guess it would be fair to argue that if you’ve been paying attention at all it’s not even much of a surprise. Fallujah fell in January. Perhaps everywhere else we’ve all been watching the World Cup? Certainly that’s about all I’ve been doing with my time, and if it’s not what you’ve been doing with yours, well, what have you been doing with it?

Indeed, in that spirit, one of all-consuming World Cup-ness, my next post (coming soon!) will reach back into the bowels of time and history, all the way to June 21st, when Miroslav Klose scored Germany’s tying goal in their 2-2 draw with Ghana. In the meantime, enjoy this small set of Miguel Herrera clips.

*By computing catastrophe I mean, my old laptop fell off my bed because I am an idiot, and because I have issues I couldn’t bring myself to start posting again until my entire computing setup (albeit on a new machine) was restored in full
**Seriously, as configured out of the box the thing ran slower than a 90s desktop