Sunday Funday

An extra-long edition. In no particular order, and for no particular reason:

1. Here are some pictures of John Cleese, and at the top of this article is a picture of European Commissioner Siim Kallas, and if you look quickly they’re not the most visually dissimilar people. Also strange is that if you search for both of them they frequently show up together in articles about the Eojlkjiojslyaulfull volcano eruption in 2010
2. Farley Mowat passed away this week, and while I can’t recommend the beard he’s sporting in the picture, I remember very much enjoying The Dog Who Wouldn’t Be as a child. Especially Mutt’s motoring goggles
3. Here are some amusing pictures of Vietnamese transporting things on motorbikes. And I mean, hooray for ingenuity and all, but this is not something to be celebrated – the inefficiency is stunning
4. There are a lot of these (a whole atlas, in fact), but this one is particularly spot on. “Papal Serbs” and “Retards” are especially good

5. Looks like a useful Boston traveling companion. Plus, I know how some of our authors like to cross things out once they complete them.
6. Also useful for any chefs out there.
7. However, in the category of NOT very useful, who is in the market for one of these?