Sunday Funday

Ongoing and impending finals have taken their toll on our weekly production, but rather than miss two weeks in a row, we give you the following twofer. As always, in no particular order, and for no particular reason:

1. This really needs to make an appearance in a nightclub
2. Pure fun
3. Aaron Sorkin is insufferable, and the fact that you don’t have to work too hard to imagine this as a real thing proves it
4. It’s hard to know what’s more remarkable, the commitment to the prank, or that someone was dumb enough to fall for it
5. Commendable cleverness from the Valencia police department
6. This is old, but no less amazing for it. I don’t understand why Wikipedia didn’t allow these edits to stay up
7. Inertia is a powerful thing – Spanish village names edition
8. Because SkyMall wasn’t entertaining enough on its own