Sunday Funday

In no particular order, and for no particular reason:

1. This is apparently a thing that has been happening in Ann Arbor.
2. James Cameron wouldn’t have made this mistake.
3. If only this April Fool’s prank were true.
4. Accents never get old. Also pretty well done.
5. Somber note on internet privacy in China. As the author suggests, I think we’ll see more of this rather than less.
6. Phil Jones plays for Manchester United, and he’s been known to make an epic face or twenty over the course of a match. Este Haim plays bass for the band Haim and seems to have a similar predilection for facial acrobatics. The natural, really the only conclusion here, is that Phil Jones should play bass for Haim, like so:*

Phil Jones Haim Bass







*Forgive the poor quality of the photo editing; Microsoft Paint was all that was available and we are lazy