Sunday Funday

In no particular order, and for no particular reason:

1. From Belly Wine Bar in Cambridge, MA, the best combination of high-brow/low-brow you’re likely to see in a while
2. To be fair, it seems the stop light failed. But still, are you kidding me?
3. Ted Ligety keeps winning GS events at Kranjska Gora*
4. Reading a paper by this guy I learned:

The American OSS decided that sending propaganda mail to German citizens in their homes, under the guise of official Nazi correspondence, would be an excellent way to undermine the morale of the common German citizen. Two versions of an American propaganda stamp were made, the first an almost exact replica of the German 12pf stamp that would be used to mail the letters, which were then dumped into German mail trains during raids.

5. There’s a wiki for everything. I present to you: navies of landlocked countries.
6. The balls on #5 are pretty stupendous.
7. The U.S. Ambassador to Slovenia liked my comment on Facebook. My social media life has peaked:
fb ss

*He won GS on a Saturday in 2009 and of course instead I went on Sunday and saw him miss a gate in slalom