Sunday Funday

In no particular order, and for no particular reason:

1. Here is picture of a pug, and here is a picture of Evangelos Venizelos, and go ahead and tell me you don’t see any resemblance
2. From Bloomberg on Tuesday: “Swiss fighter jets weren’t deployed as the incident occurred outside normal office hours, the Swiss Air Force said.”
3. Kyiv Post has probably the funniest Ukraine-related line you’ll read all week – you’ll know when you’ve gotten to it
4. Do yourself a favor and Look Around You – you might learn a thing or two about water to start
5. These goats are having way too much fun. The little one on the right is a total punk though.
6. At about 3:04pm Eastern on Wednesday, February 18th, this is what Bloomberg’s live feed of Euromaidan looked like:

Ukraine Protests - 2.18.14