Sunday Funday

In no particular order, and for no particular reason:

1. Reddit + Bahrain lèse-majesté laws = hilarity
2. Here’s my aunt quoted in an article from the Middlebury Campus about…drinking in seminars. More proof the 80s were more fun.
3. Congratulations to the team at Localytics for continuing to kick ass.
4. It’s a story I see in apps all the time. Simple guy creates simple iOS game. iOS game takes off. Guy makes millions. Guy shuts down app. Wait, what?
5. Why report on Bosnia when there’s an Olympics! No seriously, how come I barely saw this?
6. Not a fan of Prince, but I am a fan of this.
7. The Soviet Union’s intractable tension between free will and a teleological view of history, comically displayed without even a shred of self-awareness (Lunacharsky on May Day celebrations, 1920):Lunacharsky - Marxism