Sunday Funday

This may be one of the Funday-iest Sundays we’ve ever had; as always, in no particular order, and for no particular reason:

1. Russia hints at a “the beatings will continue until morale improves” approach to enjoying Sochi 2014
2. A wonderful compilation of maps – McKinsey’s contribution is especially interesting
3. This is what happens when you mix firefighters and polar vortex
4. Drinking Buddies definitely falls into the category of, “appealing and funny movie Richard won’t like because the people in it are ‘stupid'”. But surely even he would appreciate Allagash Brewery popping up on a shirt partway through?*

Allagash - Drinking Buddies

5. Early in the law school semester, I made a bet the Pats would make it to the AFC Championship game with a friend, which he said he’d take “every time.” While the Vegas odds on that probably would have said I made the wrong bet by including no odds, I can’t help but point out this will mark the 8th time in 13 seasons Brady/Belichick have gone to the AFC championship game together. Those are better than 50% odds to me.
6. A staple of some of my philosophy classes and common fodder for some debate cases, every time I read this case I just can’t help but think how crazy it is. Happy to finally address it officially in a legal class. (It’s led to this thought experiment as well)

*Also, so much Portland going on in this picture, it’s fantastic