David Brooks Is Secretly A Millenial

Also, he listens to Afrojack, or at least knows who he is? What?

In his January 6th column the NYT opinionator offers the following pearl: “A basic rule of happiness is don’t buy things; buy experiences.”

Hmm…this sounds suspiciously like the explanation we offered a few weeks ago for Millenials’ purported cheapness: “To put it bluntly, we’d rather pay to do shit than pay to own it.”

Either David Brooks is secretly a millenial or, more terrifyingly, we are all secretly David Brooks.* I actually suspect the causality favors the second option (horrors!). He’s about my father’s age, and the idea of paying for experiences over things has long been one of my father’s favorite maxims, too.** If we assume (not at all unreasonably – see the previous footnote) that this view is held en masse by the entire Boomer generation, then the source of all their angsty Millenial-inspired hand-wringing becomes clear. The Boomers are just jealous that we’re doing a better job of fulfilling their “buy experiences not things” dreams.

*Either way, his Wikipedia biography has been fabulously updated – see the bottom of the image:

David Brooks Wikipedia (1.9.14)


**Clearly if two people older than fifty say it, it must be true. What’s that you say? I’m allowing a statistically insignificant sample size of views to inform my perception of an entire generation? Funny, we’ve never seen that done before…