The World’s Best Pop-Punk Covers

What was supposed to be a “Best of” pop-punk covers of R&B/hip-hop songs post has quickly turned into an “only of” pop-punk covers of R&B/hip-hop songs. If others occur to our vast (chortle) readership, please do chime in. But in the meantime, enjoy the following:*

1. Mcfly, “Umbrella
2. Framing Hanley, “Lollipop
3. The Summer Set, “Love in This Club

I won’t even try to justify the content of this post within this blog’s ostensible scope. But vacation is almost over, and with that comes hopefully a return to more serious topics.

*Honorable mention goes to The Ataris for their version (the studio ones were stripped of audio) of “The Boys of Summer”, but it’s not quite the right genre