Sunday Funday

In no particular order, and for no particular reason:

1. Academic production at its pithiest*
2. Academic production at its most haphazard
3. First a Russian ship got stuck in the ice. Then a Chinese icebreaker came to rescue the ship, and it got stuck in the ice. Now an American ice breaker is on the way to rescue both of them. TELL ME HOW THIS ENDS!
4. In basketball, football, and hockey, there is: “no evidence of strategic planning across plays, as in games like chess or Go. Teams largely react to events as they occur.” Does this mean we can finally give up the idea that it’s somehow a good idea to ram the ball up the middle for 1 yard per play for the entire first half because it’s, “setting up play-action later”?
5. I’ve had snow days, but this is my first “cold” day. (Only the 2nd cancellation of classes in med school history, apparently).
6. It looks like the Pats will be playing the Colts for a bid to the AFC Championship game. As lucky as I’ve been to have been a Pats fan during our incredible run of success, I can’t help but be a little jealous of the Colts ability to seamlessly transition from franchise quarterback to franchise quarterback. I hope the Pats get so lucky.

*H/T Marginal Revolution