Would the CIA Ever Help Bashar al-Assad?

The plan for destroying Syria’s chemical weapons involves transporting them from their various production and storage sites in Syria overland to the port of Latakia, where they will be loaded onto Norwegian and Danish ships and moved to the MV Cape Ray for destruction. The Syrian government claims the entirety of the highway upon which the weapons will be trucked to Latakia is secure, but the veracity of that claim is, well, a bit unverifiable. And for any rebel group wishing to play spoiler the chemical weapons convoys (convoy?) will make an appealing target.

What this means is that, while the Obama Administration can’t and won’t ever come out and say it, the success of its chemical weapons destruction program will temporarily depend on the Syrian government’s ability to fend of rebel attacks. Consequently, I wouldn’t be surprised if in a few, or five, or ten years we learn that the CIA secretly (I guess that’s a bit redundant; there’s probably not much they do that isn’t) passed intelligence to the Assad regime that would help them to better secure the highway in question. This is of course pure speculation, but now at least I can prove it if it turns out I was right.