Sunday Funday

In no particular order, and for no particular reason:

1. Could it be any more ’80s?
2. Admittedly a little old, but see this Spiegel slideshow for some gleefully snide captions on pictures of Macedonia’s Skopje 2014 project*
3. Linkwrap – Awkward looking real estate edition
4. In which cows come in through the roof
5. Huh. I totally missed that part of Inception. (Warning, Spoilers Ahead).
6. While everything should be up for debate, it’s too bad doctors don’t contribute too much to medical costs. Hopefully we’ll get a dedicated post on this.
7. A good summary of some of the potential and concerns of bitcoin. Overall, I think this is tulips in Holland all over again.

*One of us has seen this in person, and to be fair, it’s absolutely deserving of the snark