Sunday Funday

In no particular order, and for no particular reason:

1. Evil people with adorable animals (h/t New York Magazine)
2. Usain Bolt, dietitian
3. Adventures with satellite navigation – English soccer edition (h/t 101GreatGoals)
4. Courtesy of @Europopped, one of the more comical episodes of lost-in-translation you’re apt to see
5. A nice then-and-now retrospective 20 years after the original bride in Mostar was destroyed (h/t Tim Judah)
6. Invisible bike helmets.
7. This is absolutely terrifying and awe-inspiring at the same time.
8. Cherry-picking stories doesn’t make for an as powerful statement as statistics. Still a compromise needs to be struck as biking becomes, rightfully, more of a feature of urban environments.