Sunday Funday

In no particular order, and for no particular reason:

1. A more accurate headline would be, “Gee, look at all the computing power in a basic laptop these days,” but “Computer Scientists ‘Prove’ God Exists” probably generates more page views
2. Perhaps this sort of technology is available for my basement apartment
3. In honor of this week’s post on Avicii, here‘s one guy and his sister doing Avicii with their mouths. No turbo-folk though*
4. If this doesn’t make you cackle with glee, you have no soul
5. Are voters rationally irrational? If so, how do we increase the psychological connection between voting choice and outcomes?
6. Is Middlebrooks the new Buckner?¬†Absolutely not. Wrong call or right call. (Wrong call, clearly)** He didn’t exactly miss a simple grounder..
7. Sad times indeed. But an author with a better historical perspective on Italian politics would likely hesitate to liken Italy to the US. Expect to see a fuller post on this idea in the coming days.


*If anyone has a link to a capella turbo-folk, please please send it
**Admittedly biased Red Sox fan.