Sunday Funday

In no particular order, and for no particular reason:

1. The World According to Ion B. This is not new to the world (the documentary was released in 2009), but it was new to me as of this past Friday. And what a story. I won’t spoil it here for anyone who plans to dig up a copy of it (it’s not on Netflix or Hulu, unfortunately), but it’s worth watching for his elephant collage alone.
2. Scenes from Brasilia at its inception, set to Kraftwerk (h/t Marginal Revolution). My first thought (perhaps somewhat solipsistically) was, “I could never be an architect.” Imagine designing a building (let alone an entire city like Brasilia) to conceptual perfection, only to watch people use it however they saw fit. I’d spend the entire time thinking, “You’re doing it wrong!”
3. Synchronicity – African Piracy Edition. I have a cousin who works in the Greek shipping industry. This summer, he mentioned the seas off Nigeria were now the world’s worst for piracy, having supplanted Somalia for that dubious honor. Right on queue (alright, four months later), Reuters spat out this and this on the same day. Surely its not pure coincidence that Somalia’s drop in the global piracy league tables comes along with improving security on land?*
4. Big doings in the Romanian off-road vehicle industry. My coauthor expects to have has the details up later.**

*Fine, they could be completely unrelated, but this is the Internet, where nobody knows you’re a dog and nobody lets the facts get in the way of a good story
**Is linking to yourself the blog equivalent of liking your own status on Facebook? If so, please don’t judge us