Greetings Internet

It is with a pulse-quickening combination of trepidation and excitement that I make, as one half of this blogging team, an inaugural foray into the wilds of Internet writer-dom. Given the low barriers to entry which surround the medium, my lack of obvious credentials as a writer, and the cacophony of other voices already available for consumption, it is prima facie difficult to imagine that the world really needs to hear my opinion, too. In fact, I am almost certain it does not. So, in keeping with our “About Us” section, my writing here is undertaken without pretensions to anything more than achieving (hopefully) basic coherence, and providing for friends’ occasional entertainment.

As for the blog’s name…it came about as the result of an effort to choose something vaguely intellectual that would also reflect at least one salient commonality that might offer some clue as to why we felt compelled to offer our thoughts in conjunction. Neither one of us would claim any dogmatic adherence to the principles of classical liberalism, (years of debate over beers, games of Company of Heroes, Pete’s calzones, and long runs has made that clear), but classical liberalism is a reasonably fair indication of the general principles that underpin where we’re coming from on things.

Lastly, there is the question of content. In our “About Us” section we listed a few topics we both expect to cover with some regularity. But it is safe to say that we are both too interested in too many things to limit ourselves to only those topics. So to avoid descent into disorder we will at least try to be organized in our eclecticism, categorical in our chaos. And alliterative whenever possible.